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At a glance: Your Betheljahr

  • offers the opportunity to get involved with and help others.
  • is also an educational and work experience year useful for vocational guidance.
  • is recognised as a voluntary year working in the community (FSJ in Germany) and as Federal German volunteer service (BFD).
  • provides pocket money of € 701.00 per month.
  • social security contributions are paid in full by us.
  • provides 30 days holiday.
  • competent training and support is given individually and in seminars (25 days).
  • you are very welcome even if you are over 27.

Any questions?

No? Then let's get started on your application!

But WAIT! If you want to spend a year in Bethel and be helpful in our social services - YOU need to speak German! See - We'll help you: On the English pages we explain some fundamental things about the Betheljahr, so you can decide if it's interesting for you - On other pages you can find out how good your German is ... :-) Give it a try!