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Teamwork is required

Targeting together

No matter which field of activity you may decide, you will work in a team of qualified professionals, as well as apprentices and trainees.

You can make a difference.

In our diverse facilities you will assist, attend, support and tend people in need of care. You will find out, whether you prefer working with elderly, young, sick or disabled people.

Your involvement is needed and well received.

With your help you enrich the living, leisure activities, the hospital stay or the situation in special schools and sheltered workshops. At the assisted transport you offer a high degree of mobility to disabled people.

You decide!

  • After the third month you will attend two one-week work placements in different facilities of your choice.
  • The diversity of work fields in Bethel is not limited to the fields of social facilities and healthcare. You can also gain insight to administration, craft business, home economics, public relations or cultural work.
  • The Betheljahr includes about 380 operating units in different departments.
  • Take a look at the different fields of work:
    - Assistance in hospital - Alleviate suffering
    - Care for elderly people – keeping the joy of life
    - Attend disabled persons – enabling a normal course of life
    - Transport services - moving people
    - Supervised Work -Promote self-confidence
    - Psychological support - support people in everyday life
    - Children and young people - to find ways to life
    - Other areas – contribute your individual skills
  • Many departments are located in Bielefeld. Though we are also to be found in other places of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Berlin-Brandenburg!
  • We can also offer support finding an accommodation for your Betheljahr. In Bielefeld Bethel holds rooms in residential accommodations.